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KOPA computer engineering, d.d. has been one of the leading companies in the region for more than 30 years, introducing complete information system solution mainly for top Slovenian companies but also for companies in Srbia, Bolgaria, BIH, Croatia and Montenegro. 

More than 60 professionally skilled employees has successfully established or renewed information systems in top companies in many different industries already (list of some):

Power plants:
Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant: Biggest Slovenian thermoelectric plant
Drava Hydroelectric Plants: No. 1 producer of power electricity from renewable sources
Food industry:
PIVOVARNA LAŠKO: No. 1 beer producer in Slovenia
CELJSKE MESNINE: One of the biggest meat producers in Slovenia
PERUTNINA PTUJ: International poultry producer, which is one of the biggest in
South-East and Central Europe, No. 1 in Slovenia with 75% of total poultry production
Steel industry:
ACRONI JESENICE, METAL RAVNE: Slovenian first two steel producers 
PETROL: Slovenian biggest gasoline supplier and biggest importer in general
ELEKTRO SLOVENIJA: Slovenian state-owned electricity transmission company
SKB BANK: One of the biggest Slovenian Banks
Ministry of Public Administration
Chelopech Mining EAD, Bulgaria, gold and copper mine
Alpos, Poland, BIH, Serbia, Montenegro, steel industry
Perutnina Ptuj, Croatia, food production

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