Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
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Nowadays companies grasp for personalized IT solutions, based on up to date technology, which are able to support their business processes and can also be easily upgradeable. This is exactly what programme package Kopa ERP offers.

Kopa ERP is an up to date programme package for optimal resource planning that helps companies organize their business processes in a more efficient way. This leads to cost reduction and provides a clear overview of the business- much greater flexibility and reaction to changes follows.


 »With Kopa’s production and business information system we are able to clearly identify which products have been produced, which materials have been used and most importantly we can adequately react in case of any errors- at any given moment in time. «

Marko Založnik, Commercial Sector Manager,

Celjske mesnine d.d.


Kopa d.d. has 20 years of experience in the field of developing and implementing ERP solutions to many top performing companies, mainly in Slovenia and ex-yu region. Kopa ERP is an ideal solution for medium size and big companies, which desire to keep the track of activities and do not want to get lost in the enormous amount of data.

Detailed knowledge of Balkan region legal requirements that Kopa possesses has helped many incoming firms to successfully deal with legally different environment. Understanding regional specifics on the field of salaries for example is what many companies had problem with. Kopa ERP and enables integration with global providers (SAP, Microsoft,...) solution is therefore completely adapted to regional requirements.

Learning curve benefits enable Kopa to be more price beneficial on one side and relatively small size of the firm makes it possible for us to completely devote ourselves to our clients and offer personalized service and solutions on the other side.

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