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Wednesday, 2/23/2011

Companies grow faster than their competitors when using our solutions

An interview with Bernard Osvald, Kopa General Manager

»A company which introduces specific IT solution may expect desired effects only with complete support and active cooperation of all participants« says Bernard Osvald, Kopa General Manager. We had a conversation with him on how Kopa may assist their clients on the path towards higher added value, as well as how information solutions impact company development.

You state that you are the smart solutions company. What does it mean to your potential clients?
Kopa, as a company of smart solutions, enables and guarantees that clients obtain completeness, primarily to obtain what they want and what they need. Completeness is mastered widely in comparison to the majority of our competitors and there lies our ingenuity. Under completeness we understand the following: complete solutions which are executed by our own knowledge and experience, completeness of people, knowledge and experience on numerous complete projects, completeness of active references, i.e. a great number of successfully finalized projects in the most divers trades, completeness in sense of global solutions for international companies with business units abroad and completeness of technology in sense of internet architecture, which enables simple inclusion of customers worldwide.

Economic crisis has strongly struck the industrial companies, which present your main clients. How did it impact last year’s business?
We look at these times of crisis with optimism, because for us it means creating new solutions of added value, and for our clients it means improvement of business processes and taking advantage of opportunities, which these newly arisen circumstances offer. Although the result was positive, last year business was actually worse than expected. However, we determined the guidelines of development together with our clients and we shall strive to achieve them in the next period, so that is why we look at all this in long-term manner. However, we want our prospective clients to recognize us as their partners, so with their help we could build a better future.

What movements do you expect on the market in this year?
We expect even greater precautions when making investment decisions and with introduction of radical changes. Companies directing investments in usage of the internal reserves shall indeed invest in information solutions, primarily in the areas that were neglected during better times. These solutions are the ones for decision making support, client relations management, development and motivation of their own staff, strategic resources management and the like.

Which segment of your offer seems to be highly prospective in this period and why?
As the company which offer complete solutions, it would be difficult to determine the most important segments of our offer. We believe that all segments are somehow relevant, since the optimization of business processes and expenses control penetrates all areas and all company levels. As an asset, I would mention information tools for recognizing a bottleneck in business and observance and recognition of anomalies in business processes. The latter provides us with important standpoint for searching possible improvements and measures, as well as for doing research on cause-effect activities of interconnected business processes.

Companies mainly expect from the IT solution to optimize business activities and lower the expenses. How should they act, according to your opinion, in order for the investments in IT to really have such effect?
It is unreal to expect that IT tools and investing in IT alone can bring obvious positive effects. Creation of IT solutions, i.e. individual IT solution presents the common project and product of our experts and particular companies experts efforts, who through reviewing the condition and studying solution possibilities, set the guidelines and aims for introduction of selected measures. The company, which introduces a single IT solution, may expect desired effects only with complete support and active cooperation of all participants in the project. »We listen to our clients and we look for optimal solution of the issue, as well as creation of desired added value« says Bernard Osvald, Kopa General Manager.

What are your latest development achievements and what do you prepare in future?
Our development policy is directed towards establishment and inciting innovative and competitive development environment. As a matter of fact, we deal with preparation of projects in the area of business optimization, improvement of business processes and more efficient usage of possibilities provided by IT. We strive to find out and create synergy effects with our clients, highlighting the creation of common long-lasting benefits. Even in the past, we had several cases when companies applying Kopa`s solutions grew faster than the competitors, thus becoming the leading companies in their business activities. It is the evidence that our solutions were sufficiently flexible and they provided for competitive advantage in already enterprising and innovative environments. It is our goal in future, too.

What do you offer experts who would like to work in your company?
We offer and stimulate opportunities for personal and professional development. We are the company which actually creates innovative environment, thus we expect from our employees initiative, creativity and capability to continually learn. We are proud of the positive climate which is the result of mutual trust, partnership relations and efficient transfer of knowledge among the employees. We find great merits for this in creation of open and informal organization. We see our company as a big family, where each individual presents a member of that family to us.

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