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Monday, 2/21/2011

Complete information support for competitiveness in food industry

In Celjske mesnine, they established an important part for resuming their successful story by implementation of KOPA ERP system.

Efficient production monitoring for production companies is of vital significance, which is shown in the case of Celjske mesnine. This company executed complete renewal of information support for the production process last year, in spite of global recession in this trade branch. They also achieved 15% increase in income. Thus they secured the valuable element for improvement of business achievement and safeguarded their competitiveness. 

In 2000, Celjske mesnine technologically renewed their complete line for slaughterhouse and built a new product plant.

«Business program tools were ready to be changed more than 10 years ago. However, only by means of technological finalization of production process, we have reached a maturity level that enabled us to implement this information system, providing us with detailed production flow monitoring« said Marko Založnik, Commercial Department Manager in Celjske mesnine.

The greatest pressures for introduction of meat frugality in production came from the veterinary legislation and European directives. Besides, financial monitoring of production was also required. On the basis of references and good experiences, they made a decision to introduce business information system of the KOPA ERP with MES sub-system of the company Metronik.

Product management

The company hadgood experience with Kopa, because they have been using a program solution for monitoring of cow livestock country-of-origin for many years, which is used in the majority of Slovenian meat industry, in accordance with the Ministry of agriculture requirements. Last year, they posted the central information system which supports both fundamental processes – production of fresh meat and meat products production, by introducing KOPA ERP solution.

As far as fresh meat production is concerned, using KOPA ERP system they can monitor various procedures, from supplemental feeding at the partners` farms, logistics, to slaughterhouses, cut up in halves and delivery to the customers. Along with this, business with different segments of customers is supported, from the butchers` shops to trade chains and catering establishments. The system also supports storing of fresh meat in one of the biggest cold storage plant in the country, wherefrom they supply their meat products plant.

All data from the Metronik system Mepis converge with KOPA ERP, which thus secures material and financial monitoring of production throughout complete process, from the customer ordering to suppliers and delivery. Precise monitoring of meat usage and all other raw materials in finished products is provided for, as the International Food Standard prescribes. It is the upgrade of ISO and HACCP standards, which German and French commercial chains require. «Without such production and business information system, we would not be able to meet strict requirements of the standard. Now, we can in any moment determine which products we have made, from which material and if possible errors occur, we may take suitable measures« Založnik emphasized.
New information system is at the same time the basis for process optimization and work quality improvement. «We perform monthly inventories, monitoring consumption and spoilage. The system is neat and we can easily discover and remove any irregularities, which enhances production organization and control« added Založnik. Through standard reports, in KOPA ERP they also monitor sales and perform management inspections, which are required by the business standard. Standard managerial reports shall be upgraded by the business reporting system KOPA BI in future.
Using information system, KOPA ERP performs all pre-calculations on the basis of which the production is planned and they perform ordering with suppliers and partners. After the finalized integration with MES system for the top management is acquired, it shall also provide for sub-calculations. With this aim, they shall conclude data transfer on delivery from the production module, which shall enable them to implement detailed supervision of daily realization.

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