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Wednesday, 3/14/2012

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Thanks to its knowledge, KOPA celebrates 15 years of good practice in the advancement of maintenance KOPA has contributed to the establishment of a global competitive advantage and environment for longterm business success in the course of fifteen years of active cooperation on the advancement of maintenance in the biggest Slovenian energy, trade and production companies.

BISTRA, SLOVENJ GRADEC, 29. 2. 2012. – The company KOPA d.d, a leading producer of business systems for big companies, organized an educative activity, marking fifteen years of work in the field of maintenance information technology. Slovenian, regional and global companies recognize today the company Kopa, which opened the door to leading information technologies  supporting maintenance fifteen years ago, as the leading offerer of business solutions and good practice on the most complete platform for monitoring IBM Maximo means and services.

’’Kopa has helped numerous companies at home and abroad in the course of the past fifteen years of fruitful work, to enhance maintenance efficiency, increase competitiveness, productivity and quality with the implementation of information solutions. At the same time the added value has been further increased with a reduction of costs, production standstills, engagement of maintenance teams and spare parts stocks’’ says Marjan Gobec, the director of the company KOPA d.d. Namely, Kopa contributed at the very last moment to the change of approach to maintenance of the top management, and that being from cost processing to strategic investments. Andrej Šinkovec, the chairman of the Slovenian Society of Maintenance pointed out thereby that IBM Maximo has become a key operating means which helps the maintenance people nowadays in daily and strategic decision making, thus supporting discovery of potentials for the advancement of their activities.
Analysis was made of business, organizational and maintenance information technology advancements at the expert seminar, subtitled ’’15 years of good KOPA MAXIMO practice’’, which was held in the idyllic environment of the Technical Museum in Bistra. ’’The event was totally focused on Kopa’s good practice, which realises high expectations of users related to the improvement of efficiency and availability with the IBM Maximo system, even in the most demanding business environments’’ said Vinko Jelenko, the KOPA MAXIMO program manager.  Kopa’s experts presented practical examples of maintenance management, as well as examples of implementations of approaches by which reductions of production standstills, increases of availability of means, reductions of unplanned maintenance interventions are achieved, resulting in an advancement in decision making in guiding internal and external maintenance service providers. The event was attended primarily by technical department directors and maintenance managers, who got an insight into the performance of maintenance with information technology support in successful companies such as GKN Driveline and Petrol, directly from the users, thus also an insight into the management of information-communication technology services in Slovenian Public Administration.
’’Kopa has made a breakthrough in Slovenia in the field of maintenance information technology  and deserves most credit today for IBM Maximo being acknowledged in our country also as the leading information technology system for maintenance and management of means and services’’ said Boštjan Gabrijelčič, the Tivoli Maximo sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe in the company IBM Slovenia. ’’The IBM company is proud of the company Kopa being our strategic partner, since we have performed  several IBM Maximo system implementations in the region, with its support, which are still talked about.“

The successfully completed IBM Maximo system implementation project in the biggest Bulgarin gold and copper mine Čelopeč, then the case study presentation from the coal mine Premogovnik Velenje at the main world event of the IBM company, Pulse 2012 in Las Vegas in March this year, are further proof of the company Kopa having managed to achieve a significant progress in the field of maintenance in the second half of the decade.

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