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»Kopa provided us with quality introduction of information system and support when we decided to expand to foreign markets».
Jože Artnak, Deputy General Manager for Human Resources Development, Legal Activities and Business Information System in ALPOS, d.d.

»Renewal of information system is in its final stage. Data bases are being prepared, which shall enable us to be informed on daily basis on sales volume and production successfulness. It means we shall be informed on good and bad things in production timely and we expect those fast and detailed daily data enable us to react better and more quickly».
Izidor Krivec, General Manager of Celjske mesnine d.d.

»In 2008, we set a computer supported information maintenance system with the program MAXIMO, which we started using in 2009 in Savska Power Plant Ljubljana. We expect the system to be the basis for acquiring quality information on maintenance system, as well as to present a significant factor in decision making system. Introducing the said system, keeping records and monitoring devices per locations is facilitated, as well as management and monitoring maintenance interventions and storage house management activities relative to spare parts and keeping records of human resources sources for maintenance. On the basis of collected information and together with genuine decisions the following may be achieved: reduced expenses, increase in equipment usage and increase in synergy effect on organization, human resources and material level. In future, we wish to put into operation the system for automatic execution of monthly reports on devices intervention maintenance and connect the system with the most important devices for on-line monitoring of their performance, which would enable the automatism when planning their maintenance».
Albin Koršič, Technical Manager in Savske elektrane Ljubljana d.o.o.

»We opted for Kopa`s solution, since it completely supports the achievement of our business goals and work on Oracle’s platform, which enables a simple control and supervision of business processes and therefore faster decision making« said MSc Reka Rataj, General Manager of the company Rikom. KOPA is able to adapt its solutions to all types of productions; their experts may easily perform updating of information system at the earliest possible time. Since we wanted to enter this new business year with new solution, we commenced the project of renewal at the beginning of the year. KOPA assisted us with its great expertise, knowledge and experience, so that we were able to establish the system to function within two months« added MSc Rataj.

»We have agreed with our long-term partners KOPA to upgrade the existing system ERP with the integration of program tools for documents management KOPA OdiP. We looked for simple, but upgradeable solutions, which would include the central documents archive, enabling the customers to have easy access to various types of documents with respect to their authorizations«.
Robert Krvavica, General Manager of the company Akripol.

»The most important role of Kopa was reflected in the fact that their experts incorporated required changes in their programs and counselled us with good practice».
Benjamin Majcen, IT Sector Manager in the company SwatySwatyComet d.d.

»Without such production and business information system, we would not be able to meet the IFS standards. Now, we are in a position to establish which products we have made and of which materials at any given moment. We can also react in case of possible errors».
Marko Založnik, Commercial Sector Manager in the company Celjske mesnine d.d.

»It is certain that Kopa`s system contributes significantly to successful business of the company Monter. Since we started using it, we are not late with our deliveries. In the last year, we delivered everything on agreed date, whereas in previous years we were sometimes late with deliveries up to one month. Due to precise data, now we are always informed in which stage of production we have delays and thus we may react timely. Exact deliveries provide for great satisfaction and loyal customers, which is of great importance in these times of crisis».
Bogdan Kadiš, General Manager, Železarna Ravne Monter Dravograd d.d.

»Integrated solutions for service activities area, where Kopa participated, significantly improved the business process».
Pavel Batista, Deputy Manager of Information Sector, Petrol, d.d

»Kopa has always proved as experienced and trustworthy partner. They meet modern business needs and good practice for enhancement of business processes in production companies and production itself».
Andrej Kebe, Information Sector Manager in Pivovarna Laško, d.d.

»I have been doing this job for over 10 years now and I have had an excellent cooperation with Kopa all these years. When overcoming obstacles and difficulties, we never had any problems, everything was effected in due time, although we did not observe »official« routes when it comes to speed of overcoming problems. Payroll program has been prepared in such a manner to be comprehensible, so that we, the customers, may use it with ease. In case of legal changes, we can now prepare all changes ourselves and thus we do not depend on the programmer. Speaking from my experience, I can tell you that the program is »customer friendly«, so when asked if I can recommend the program, I can definitely reply in a positive way».
Sonja Trošt, Payroll Accounts in Pivovarna Laško d.d.

»Together with Kopa and their efforts, we succeeded in preparing bookkeeping information system for keeping bank balance account, which by being connected to the central bookkeeping module advances business processes and it provides quality information for business decision making in the area of the bank balance account». 
Polona Malalan, Accounting Manager in SKB d.d.

»Introduction of the new information system has improved production support and warehouse processes, which enabled us to reduce the stock for at least 5 percent».
Stane Mihelčič, for LIP BLED, d.o.o.

»Kopa`s solution for investment monitoring based on the system for business decision making shall enable us to have complete control of present and future investments. Taking into account the investment aspect and this solution, we are prepared for the demanding investment in the 6th block, which is of a strategic significance for supplying Slovenia with electrical energy».
PhD Uroš Rotnik, General Manager of the Thermoelectric Power Plant Šoštanj, d.o.o.

»Introduction of the new program package, especially the upgrading of human resource records in the education and training area, we are enabled to meet the requirements of the most demanding European and American standards and legislation in the said area. The examples of these standards are as follows: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, MDD 93/42 EEC and 21 CFR Part 820 QSR for America. Introduction of the said program has allowed the monitoring of numerous measurement quality indicators in the education and training area and consequentially fast implementation of preventive or corrective measures».
MSc Matevž Polutnik, Quality and HRM Engineering Manager, Fotona d.d.

»For Zavarovalnici Maribor, it is especially important to have the system for keeping records of employees and payroll, among other program solutions of company Kopa. System of commission account for representatives in insurance companies i

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