Comprehensive Asset Maintenance Overview

Complete overview of maintenance

As a leader in the development of maintenance software solutions, Kopa has been leveraging IBM™ Maximo® for over 20 years. In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) presents unique challenges with continuous data generation by employees, sensors, and devices.

The IBM Maximo – KOPA EAM solution is a comprehensive asset management system that integrates IBM™ Maximo® with expert IT support for maintenance business processes by Kopa’s professionals. It enables asset, work, warehouse, and procurement management on a unified platform, enhancing business efficiency.

A New Dimension of Operational Efficiency

Unified service center supported by appropriate IT solutions

Enhanced contribution of support services to business success

Easier fulfillment of production plans and delivery deadlines

Highlighted Business Benefits and Opportunities

Comprehensive oversight of maintenance processes for prompt and effective action

Reduced maintenance costs and improved quality of maintenance processes

Increased productivity and satisfaction among maintenance staff

Improved machine and equipment availability by minimizing and shortening downtimes

Streamlined achievement of production plans and delivery schedules


We decided on IBM Maxima and Kopa based on the technical solution, the prevalence and usability of this program, and on the basis of service support.

Tomaž Jelenko, Weiler Abrasives d.o.o.

A new level of maintenance

Maintenance is not only about monitoring what is happening and correcting errors (reactive maintenance), but it is an important industry that, based on the analysis of data collected from various sources (CRM, ERP, production process, machines, temperature measurements, humidity…) predicts events with high probability and trigger predictive maintenance. This leads to higher productivity and higher product quality, without downtime and unannounced outages.

A good overview of data on past, ongoing and planned maintenance activities leads to high productivity and allows us to quickly implement measures.

What does IBM Maximo - KOPA EAM enable?

Comprehensive overview of maintenance processes for quick and appropriate action

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing the quality of maintenance processes

Increasing the productivity and satisfaction of maintenance workers

Increasing the availability of machines and devices due to the reduction and shortening of downtimes

Easier refinement of production plans and delivery dates

Return on investment

The Kopa EAM solution provides an answer to the question of how to optimally manage maintenance processes on assets with the lowest costs and as little impact on other business processes as possible, thereby maximizing return on investment (ROI – Return on Investment). The effects of the investment are reflected in greater availability of production assets, less burden on maintenance workers and greater efficiency of the company.

Greater work efficiency by 10% to 20%

Increase the availability of funds by 3% to 10%

Reduction of necessary investments in new equipment from 3% to 5%.

Better use of guarantees by 10% to 50%

Reduction of procurement and storage costs

Reduction of material and spare parts costs from 5 to 10%

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