Finance and accounting

For comprehensive liquidity management

Modern IT support for managing the company's financial assets

With our advanced accounting software, we offer comprehensive information support for financial and accounting processes for effective liquidity management. Our modern ERP systems can be used to manage your company’s financial assets and also provide support in financial accounting. Companies often face difficulties due to insufficient information from past periods and outdated information.

Our Kopa accounting software supports all four basic accounting functions: bookkeeping, planning, monitoring, and analysis. With our solutions, you can effectively manage, monitor, and display business changes and states in financial accounting. KOPA ERP enhances financial and accounting processes with advanced solutions and information support for financial controlling, cost accounting, and payroll.

Solutions and services

Production Accounting

Choosing the right methods for valuing production and implementing effective information solutions for finance and accounting are crucial for any type of production, regardless of the size of the company. Our goal is to provide solutions that allow for accurate and timely delivery of accounting information about unfinished production, costs, and expenses. This is essential for accurately calculating the internal, purchase, and selling prices of products and for predicting the correct business result.

Cash Flow

Our advanced software solutions enable you to effectively manage cash flow, which is crucial for maintaining your company's liquidity. With our solutions, you will have a clear overview of financial flows, which will facilitate making important decisions in unpredictable situations, such as non-payment by debtors, investments, or production interruptions.


Our modern solutions and tools in controlling provide a clear and simple overview of the company's status in various business areas. The reports generated by our solutions are invaluable for the company's management in assessing progress and the state of business and in making strategic and operational decisions.

Monitoring and Achieving the Plan

Our accounting software solutions for monitoring the performance of the company's business, along with analytical tools, provide a competitive advantage to those who choose to use them.

Financial Project Monitoring

Our effective information solutions for project management combine projects, people, finances, and documents, which allows for a better overview of the financial success of projects and easier strategic decisions for the company.

Izpostavljene poslovne koristi in priložnosti

Acceleration of reporting and automated data capture for key managerial analyses and business decisions.

Quick printing of balances and reports needed by the company for analysis and mandatory areas.

Preparation of various analyses for management using algorithm input.

Complete insight into cash flows - credible and quick information for decision-making.

Automatic calculations at various depreciation rates.

Managing costs and profitability.

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