Kopa EAM-Customer Connect

A system for managing products and communicating with users

Advanced Product Management and User Communication System

Kopa EAM is an all-encompassing solution for asset management and maintenance, including IT support for business processes. It facilitates effective management of assets, labor, warehouse operations (including spare parts and initial installation), and procurement on a unified platform. Kopa Customer Connect, with modern digital approaches, bridges the gap between manufacturers and product users.

Kopa EAM – Customer Connect enhances internal processes (documentation exchange and reception, production tracking, traceability, data accuracy on production completion, efficiency, paperless operations) and improves external processes towards customers and distributors.

Solutions and Services

Complaints and upgrades management

Monitoring of product manufacturing through claims

Business partner management

Asset management from a product monitoring perspective

Managing end-users and distributors based on user accounts

Highlighted Business Benefits and Opportunities

Comprehensive overview of production and maintenance processes

Claim submission and insights from distributors and end-customers

Viewing current production status by administrators, distributors, and end-customers

Administrative management of claims (complaints and upgrades)

Asset overview and management

Understanding end-customers and communicating with them

Gathering feedback on product usage and user behavior for analytics, leading to improvements, further development, and sales

Providing end-users with usage instructions, updates, software upgrades, and opportunities to purchase additional equipment and products

Leadership Statement

We at Kopa have combined the best features of two proprietary software solutions. Kopa EAM - Customer Connect ensures advanced management of complex products and offers a superior user experience and communication with customers."

Aljaž Gradišnik, Head of Kopa EAM-Customer Connect Program
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