Enterprise Asset Management

IBM MAXIMO – Kopa EAM Enterprise Asset Management


This solution enables the design and implementation of a comprehensive asset and service management strategy using a single tool. In Kopa EAM (IBM MAXIMO), data is centrally captured and stored, providing the basis for effective graphical, scheduling, and content planning. Simultaneously, we organize, execute, analyze, and optimize maintenance work. The solution is suitable for all types of companies and organizations, regardless of the complexity of processes and the number of users.

Kopa EAM offers effective information support in managing and maintaining assets and services. The solution enables companies to maximize productivity and availability, extend the lifespan of key assets, shorten administrative procedures, simplify data analysis, and ensure return on investment.

Solutions and Services

Connectivity between IBM Maximo and business, monitoring, and security systems

Including business systems, systems for detecting congestion, attendance recording, surveillance and access control, SCADA

Information Support for Maintenance

The decision to provide information support for management and maintenance has become a necessity, supporting all processes in asset management and maintenance.

Real-Time Congestion Monitoring

In companies with continuous production, ensuring high machine availability and reducing downtime is crucial. Reducing congestion and managing data and maintenance significantly influences the achievement of set goals.

Adequate IT Support for Cognitive Business

IT support gives meaning to unstructured and dark data, offering tools for managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Successful Decisions through Analysis of Various Data

With the help of captured and analyzed real-time data, immediate action can be taken. Over a longer period, a more thorough analysis can be conducted for any given period on a larger set of data.

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Customer Support

Real-time analytics

Congestion management

Strategic review of maintenance processes

Production increase and cost reduction

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