Quality Management

Quality management for efficient and clear support of complex work processes

Information support for quality management and control systems

Due to the ever-increasing market demands for high-quality products and competition, companies must adapt and improve towards enhancing quality standards. Quality management is a critical business challenge in companies, as it requires achieving maximum customer satisfaction, continuously improving processes, and fostering the best possible employee collaboration in realizing the quality objectives set by management.

Kopa’s solutions provide effective information support for quality management and control systems, enabling companies to optimize processes related to quality management.

Solutions and Services


The management of measures in Kopa's ODiP system goes beyond mere document or task management; it encompasses an entire network of activities involved in measures, from planning and support to actual implementation.


Quality management using ISO standards, involving document security management, transparency in changes/document flows, and clearly defined responsibilities.


Exceptional support for quality management systems in managing complaints, ensuring proper relationships in business communication with suppliers and customers.


Mastering quality systems aids not only in orderly documentation but also in optimizing and measuring the efficiency of laboratory work.

Input Control

Managing the quality of incoming materials is crucial to prevent poor quality in final products by ensuring that substandard materials do not enter the production process.

Final Control

Software solutions for managing final control, where all or specific quality characteristics of products are checked under standard conditions.

Highlighted Business Benefits and Opportunities

Addressing issues in business processes and ensuring transparency in the creation and storage of documents.

Efficient support for complex work processes like escalations, reminders, and document version management.

Reduced likelihood of errors and product defects, ensuring uniform compliance with business partner requirements.

Lower direct costs by eliminating subpar quality products early in the production process.

Achieving optimal product quality levels at the lowest possible costs, meeting business partner requirements.

Strengthening the company's reputation, providing a better foundation for price negotiations.

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