Efficient and connected information support for various types of production

Production creates value

Solutions and services for the digitalization of production are becoming a key resource for ensuring competitiveness. Quality, responsiveness, and connectivity are expectations and requirements of successful manufacturing companies. Services based on experience, knowledge, and understanding of production issues, as well as connected solutions for the digitalization of production, bring benefits and competitive advantages to companies.

By establishing a functioning and digitalized Deming circle, we achieve that planning, execution, monitoring, and action in production take place connectedly and in real-time. It all is based on correct standards, which are adjusted based on “learning” from past data. Calculations, post-calculations, and production accounting ensure that for each product and service, it can be calculated and displayed, how successfully we intend to manufacture it, how successfully we have actually manufactured it, and how this affects the overall business picture.

Solutions and Services

Establishment of quality standards and master data

The basis for successful planning is appropriate standards and master data. In large series, time and a team are dedicated to setting standards, but in small series and custom production, it's not always possible and sensible to input them. Instead, they can also be obtained based on automatic measurement and recording of reference standards, which are then adjusted based on the actual manufacturing times.

Pre-calculations, post-calculations

The pre-calculation system allows us to use prior knowledge and data, as well as standards, to more accurately estimate manufacturing costs. This ensures safe and systematic pricing for the company. Combined with post-calculations, which show the actual use of time and materials and other costs, the company gets a tool that allows more reliable operations.

Production Planning

Information-supported planning is key to optimal production operation. It's too risky to depend on individuals. Since everything is also connected with the calculation of material needs (MRP), considering capacities and deadlines, and automatic preparation of documents, good planning can actually help to ensure that despite constant changes, processes in production run smoothly.

Fine planning in the PREACTOR graphical tool

Rough planning and scheduling in complex productions, where a large number of tasks are processed at once, without graphical support and algorithms that help find the optimal combination, is not sufficient. Therefore, the Kopa ERP system is bidirectionally connected with the global solution Preactor, which enables the plan, execution, and monitoring to be concluded in a closed loop, which helps the company improve efficiency.

Production monitoring – UTRIP

The rhythm or pulse of production is key to achieving expected results. Numerous factors influence this rhythm, and if we detect them in time, we can take timely action. Work registrations, reasons for delays, counting or measuring the quantity produced in different stages, measuring the effective operation of machines, escalations, response times, searching for good patterns (worker, machine, product, quality), are components of the solution that allows us to monitor dynamic OEE and take action to increase success.

Paperless Production

In successful manufacturing companies, paper is being phased out from production and other services, because paper documents can be a source of errors and time delays to the right information. An incorrect plan on paper, end of shift recorded quantities and error causes, and data transcribing, do not allow us to know at all times what is happening in production and to quickly intervene in events with changes that prevent additional costs.

Production Accounting

Companies that use this solution know for each product how much it costs and can measure profitability. The data shown by the production accounting are comprehensive and include all costs. Decision-making is thus more reliable, as shown by the above-average results of companies using this Kopa solution.

Production Input Control - Quality

The sooner we detect deviations from the required quality, the fewer problems and costs arise in production. With Kopa's solution of this control, you integrate it into the process and ensure that the control is carried out according to rules that guarantee the highest quality of products.

Complaint Management

No one wants them, but if they do occur, managing them is efficient if the processes for handling complaints are defined and part of the process, which ensures that complaints are resolved in an optimal way for the customer and the company.


Robust and reliable system for production planning

Automated ordering process based on needs

Ability to quickly - automate action in case of deviations from the plan

Optimization of fine planning with the help of a graphical planning board

Optimization of inventory and ordering

Escalations in case of deviations, increasing responsibility, shortening response times

Simulations in planning – finding the optimum

Responsiveness of production and effective placement of urgent orders - "paratroopers"

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