Commercial Excellence

More efficient use of the right information for better work with customers.

Customer-Centric Approach for Enhanced Competitiveness

The customer is king and should be treated accordingly. Therefore, our marketing and sales staff require a range of tools and information from various parts of the information system. By comprehensively addressing customers and suppliers, you can offer high-quality services that enhance your competitive edge, while simultaneously generating revenue and profit through increased returns from transactions.

KOPA ERP: Comprehensive Information Solutions for the Commercial Sector For the commercial sector, Kopa provides a suite of standard information solutions within the KOPA ERP system. These solutions are designed to fully meet the information and process needs of companies, offering management comprehensive insights into the state of the commercial department for effective liquidity management and business performance planning.

Solutions and Services

Solutions in Purchasing Processes

Effective support for procurement processes is a significant advantage. We ensure the provision of accurate and timely information at the right moment. This includes the creation of external orders based on internal company orders, inquiry and collection of offers from suppliers, and management of data on expected delivery dates.

Solutions in Sales:

We take care of the entire sales process within the company. This involves sales planning, handling customer orders, managing contracts and tax statements, editing various price lists, making offers, executing deliveries, and producing sales analyses for manufacturing companies.

Warehouse and Logistics

Our system offers automation for capturing, releasing, and overseeing quantitative inputs and outputs of all types of warehouses. It provides immediate data on the storage of materials, semi-finished products, products, and merchandise, sorted by location and at different prices. This ensures full adaptability to user requirements while adhering to the best practices in logistics processes across various economic sectors and production activities.

Special Solutions in Sales:

We offer good practices that fully cover the information and process requirements of sales, both in the company's basic work environment and in the field. This includes KOPA ODiP, CRM point, project management of marketing activities, mobile ordering, reservations, absences, Office 365, and more.

Highlighted Business Benefits and Opportunities

In-depth analysis of suppliers when ordering.

Optimization and simplification of procurement processes.

More efficient use of information for sales and improved quality of work with customers.

30% faster preparation and higher profitability of offers.

Regulation of work procedures, responsibilities, and confidentiality of documents.

Simplification, optimization, and acceleration of storage procedures, picking routes, and transport.

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