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Research has shown that in a modern payroll system, it is crucial that software solutions for payroll calculation are fast, easy to use, and adaptable to changes in compensation structures. Mandatory data, reports, electronic links, and operational speed are standard features of any high-quality payroll system. The KOPA payroll software package is an example of a computer program for payroll that enables calculation, payment, preparation of files and printouts for submitting data to banks, financial authorities, and the statistical office. This payroll software also includes advanced features such as settings for different calculations: salaries, holiday pay, meeting fees, bonuses, Christmas bonuses, adjustments, and more.

Solutions and Services


E-Envelope represents a modern paperless solution for sending pay slips and leave decisions via email. This digital solution for payroll calculation allows employees in the company to choose between receiving their pay slip electronically or in traditional paper form, in line with company policy and ensuring greater flexibility.


E-VEM allows efficient submission of M forms directly from personnel records, eliminating the need for manual data entry into the e-know portal. This automated payroll system is optimized for processing a large number of M forms simultaneously, increasing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Reports and Analysis

Our system enables easy settings for the production of final analyses, reports, and forms, whether legally required or needed by the company for internal purposes. This feature is key to effective payroll management and ensures that all data are accurate and processed in a timely manner.

Automatic Calculation of Deductions

The system allows for the automatic calculation of deductions from salaries, taking into account the maximum amounts of deductions for each type and legally prescribed order. This feature is crucial for ensuring compliance with legal requirements and accuracy of calculation.


Integration with the electronic sick leave system allows for the capture and transfer of data from the electronic sick leave list to KOPA-PCE via an interface. This feature also includes the electronic import of reimbursement claims with the preparation of an XML file, which is another example of how our payroll software solution simplifies and automates processes in the company.

Highlighted Business Benefits and Opportunities

Simulations of different payrolls when changing algorithms

High flexibility in payroll

Connectivity with the production system and other business systems

Salary localization for Slovenia

Various legal entities and related companies supported in one system

Quick and easy integration of data from previous calculations into a new calculation

Monitoring and archiving of salary costs for each payment separately

Time and cost savings and complete independence of users in the calculation technique

Importing data from various time registrations

Examples of good practices

Good practices are created together with our satisfied users.

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